Health Related Policies



The school will not dispense or administer any medication including over the counter medications without a parent’s permission. If your child needs medication administered during school hours, it is necessary that the medication be in a container labeled with your child's name, current date, and the physician's orders attached. When bringing prescription medication to school, please give the container directly to a staff member in the main office and complete the Authorization to Dispense Medication Form. If your child is in a carpool, please have the driver give the medicine to the office staff.


First Aid And Medical Emergencies


Students requiring first aid will be referred to the office.

In cases of medical emergency, parents will be notified immediately. If a parent cannot be reached, our procedure is to transport the student to Mount Sinai Medical Center. Your personal physician or pediatrician will be contacted, whenever possible.

It is the responsibility of each parent to leave home, business, and other important contact numbers with the main office. It is critical to complete and regularly update the emergency card on file in the school office which authorizes emergency medical treatment for your child.

The school will notify parents whenever a contagious illness or condition is suspected. 



To maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for all students, it is vital that your child be kept at home when ill until he/she is fully recuperated. This is an essential health precaution for all students and faculty. A child who is not feeling well will not be able to function on par with the rest of the class and would place all other students and faculty at risk if he/she attends school when ill.

Please cooperate by following the guidelines below:

  • Any child who complains of a sore throat, stomachache or other symptoms should have his/her temperature taken before coming to school. An elevated temperature may be an indication of a more serious illness, and therefore requires your child to remain at home.
  • Any child with a fever should remain home at least 24 hours after the temperature has returned to normal without the use of temperature-reducing medication.
  • Any child with a persistent cough, severe nasal congestion, or a constantly runny nose should remain at home.
  • Any child who has vomited or had diarrhea during the night or preceding afternoon should remain at home and may return to school 24 hours after the vomiting/diarrhea has ceased.
  • If your child is absent due to a contagious illness for three or more days, please send a doctor's note indicating that he/she is able to return to school. The doctor's note must contain the child's full name, date of illness, reason for absence, consent for the child to return to school, and a parent’s signature.
  • Our school has a nit-free policy. The school will conduct lice checks on a regular basis. We will contact you immediately if we discover nits or lice. We encourage you to periodically check your child for head lice or nits. If your child has been out of the country where there may have been a susceptibility to lice, it is your responsibility to check for lice before your child is brought back to school. If your child does have lice, please consult your pediatrician. Children may not return to school until the treatment prescribed a pediatrician has been administered and all nits are removed. You must bring your child to the office to be checked before he/she will be admitted to class.