Dress Code

Proper attire and grooming contributes to the overall educational environment. Dignified attire imbues students with a sense of pride and self worth while casual or sloppy dress can create an attitude which projects apathy.

Parents have praised the uniforms for their convenience, attractiveness and the elimination of fashion competition among students. The uniform creates a positive feeling of school spirit and “achdus” (oneness) while promoting a modest dress code befitting our Bnei and Bnos Torah.

Beginning the first day of school, all students grades 1-5 are required to be dressed in uniform. After a single warning, any student coming to school without an appropriate uniform will be sent home.


  • All boys are required to wear tzitzis at all times.
  • Yarmulkas with secular logos (i.e. sports teams) are not acceptable
  • Solid navy blue or black school pants (no denim/jeans or exterior pockets permitted)
  • Solid white or solid light blue shirts with collars.
  • Shoes:Wheelies and Crocs are not safe or appropriate in a school environment and are not acceptable.
  • Necklaces, silly bands or rubberized “solidarity” bracelets of any kind are not permitted.


  • Solid navy blue or black uniform style skirts or jumpers below the knee, even when seated

Pencil skirts, denim, exterior pockets, or slits are not permitted.

  • Solid white or solid light blue long sleeve, collared shirts
  • Shirts must have sleeves to the wrist and be fully buttoned.

  • Socks to the knee (without any characters, words or logos)
  • Shoes:Wheelies and Crocs are not safe in a school environment and are not acceptable.
    • Rubberized “solidarity” bracelets of any kind or silly bands are not permitted.
    • Nail polish or other makeup is not acceptable.
    • Although the girls may wear jewelry, it will be left to the school’s discretion to decide what is appropriate for our school environment.
    • Hair styles must reflect a Bas Yisroel.


    Thank you in advance for your cooperation, support and assistance in creating an environment that reflects our Torah values and is conducive to learning. 


    All visitors to Y.E.S. are required to respect the environment of the school and dress in a modest fashion.