The Girls School

Girls School 1

Yeshiva Elementary School offers girls grades 1 through 6 a rich educational program in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. Focused on intellectual development, building positive Middos and instilling a lifelong love of learning, the Girls School offers students a nurturing and stimulating environment in which to grow.  Dedicated and experienced educators serve as outstanding role models and maximize learning for each girl through multimodality instruction and strategies reflecting research-based practice.

The Limudei Kodesh curriculum consists of both formal instruction and informal activities leading to the shared goal of developing a foundation of academic skills, good Middos, and a strong connection to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and His Torah. A warm and supportive classroom community addresses the academic and social needs of the girls, allowing them to feel confident and successful. Learning leveled vocabulary, understanding the structure of Chumash and applying lessons learned to situations in daily life help our students develop the perspective and skills to become Yirei Shamayim and true Bnos Yisrael. Various academic programs, field trips, assemblies and extra-curricular activities that promote unity and school spirit and expand the knowledge of our students across the curriculum enhance the Girls School curriculum.

The General Studies Department at Yeshiva Elementary School offers a challenging academic program that not only teaches skills and content, but also teaches thinking.  While our skills are aligned with Sunshine State Standards and Common Core Curriculum, our student-teacher ratio allows teachers to tailor the curriculum to each child’s strengths and needs.  A sequential curriculum, assessment and differentiated instruction ensure that students graduate from Yeshiva Elementary superbly prepared for middle school.   

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