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Tour and interview
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Tour & Interview

Yeshiva Elementary School provides a balanced education in a nurturing atmosphere designed to promote a lifelong love of learning in both Torah and General Studies. We believe that the two are complementary in molding knowledgeable, committed and productive members of the Torah community. With this philosophy we have raised a generation of strong, secure, knowledgeable and most of all, dedicated Jewish students and leaders.  We are honored to be able to do the same for your children.                   

Immunization Policy

Students must be in compliance with the Florida State Health Department immunization schedule and protocols in order to attend Yeshiva Elementary School. Religious exemptions will not be accepted for any of the Florida State required immunizations. Medical exemptions are acceptable, subject to Florida law.


The following is the Tuition Schedule for 2023-2024 School Term:

Playgroup Half Day $7,900; Full Day $11,350
Nursery Half Day $7,900;
 Full Day $11,350
Pre-K $11,500
Kindergarten $15,300
Elementary 1-5 $17,900
Aderes (Girls 6-8) $19,500

YMS (Boys 6-8) $19,500

Family Discounts
3rd Child 10%
4th Child 15%

The tuition amount does not include the non-refundable registration fee.
All registrations must be accompanied by a $650 non-refundable registration fee per student for full tuition students.

Yeshiva Elementary School requires a $1200 “Give-or-Get” contribution from each family enrolled in the school and a $250.00 security fee per family aside from tuition fee.


Scholarships- Submit your Step Up Award Info-

If you have not already applied for the scholarship, we urge you to apply at as soon as possible.


Financial AidTuition Discount Applications are due back to the school ASAP. To apply, please submit your completed application which should include your bank and credit card statements from the past twelve months for all accounts.

You can email your application and statements to in PDF format.

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