Vision Statement & Goals


All Y.E.S. students successfully participate in a nurturing, child-centered program in which they acquire and apply a comprehensive knowledge of a dual-curriculum and a passion for Torah values.”  


The following are the measurable means by which we fulfill our mission and vision:  

1. The administration will attract and retain a qualified and effective staff.  

2. The administrative and teaching staff will ensure a well-balanced curriculum and a quality instructional program.  
3. The administration and teaching staff will maintain an orderly, well-structured atmosphere for learning.        

4. Students' behavior in and out of school will reflect an understanding of and commitment to the Torah's standards of ethics and religious observance.  

5. Students will exceed national norms in all subjects.  

6. Parents and other members of the community will be active partners in the ongoing improvement of the school.  
7. The organization and management of all levels of the educational system will be productive, efficient and accountable.