About Us

Yeshiva Elementary School offers a vibrant and complete Torah education in a warm and nurturing atmosphere. Strong emphasis is focused on the individual student, personal character development, and academic growth.

Founded in 1987, Yeshiva Elementary School has grown to approximately 500 students. Now housed in a fully equipped complex, we are able to provide students with an atmosphere conducive to growth and learning.  Our graduates have gone on to achieve success in Torah learning and academic accomplishments, and have become valuable contributors to Jewish life around the world.  With over 20 years of graduates, Yeshiva Elementary School continues to show its commitment to preparing the next generation of involved and dedicated Jewish leaders.

Our devoted rebbeim and caring teachers are renowned for their dedication and for the personalized attention given to each student.  Yeshiva Elementary School looks forward to treating your children as our own.  That’s the secret to our success at Yeshiva Elementary School.